Types of electronic personal dosimeter

Types of electronic personal dosimeter

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Let us tell you that personal dosimeters are not used as absolute instruments but a reference instrument. But when a reference dosimeter is calibrated then the factor can be determined. This factor relates to the exposure to the reported dose. The calibration validity is demonstrated by maintaining the traceability source used to calibrate that dosimeter. It is achieved by the comparison of the source. If you want to try Dosimetría treatment then you must have to use our customer service as they will solve all your queries and doubts.

These are few types of electronic personal Dosimetría:

  • G-M counter 

The full name of the G-M counter is the Geiger-Muller tube and it detects the sensing element. It is mainly used for portable instrumentation because of its sensitivity. It can detect low-level radiation as well. But it takes a long time to cover the successive pulses and is not able to measure the higher radiation rates.

  • Semiconductor defector

Let us tell you it is based on the ionization in a solid and it includes different kinds of solid-state devices with the two terminals called diodes.

  • Scintillation detector 

Some EPDs have used the scintillating crystal as sodium iodide or cesium iodide. And with photodiode with photomultiplier tube to measure the photos released by the radiation.

The EPS can display the direct reading to the detected dose in real-time. It can be used as a supplementary dosimeter or as a primary dosimeter. The most important thing that you must have to know is how to wear a dosimeter. It must be worn on the body in the position which represents its exposure and between the waist and the neck. Dosimeters are usually worn on the outside portion of the cloth and around the chest. The dosimeter can easily reset multiple times is reding the record purpose so it can be reused multiple times. The display of the EPDs gives you both the dose and the dose rate details. The rates r alarms are programmable and set for different activities. Let us tell you that EPDs are one of the most expensive, large, and versatile as well. The equivalent and effective doses are not directly measured and for this, the ICRP has introduced and set defined operational quantities. For more details regarding the dosimeter, you must have to visit our site. You will learn a lot more about it through our customer service. You can check the reviews of our satisfied clients as they all are happy with the treatment with our expert doctors.