North Korea – Still Survives!

North Korea – Still Survives!

August 8, 2020 Off By Deeple

People are confused how on this earth North Korea kept on surviving for so long. Some people thought the nation will fall when their first leader died. Actually, it remained, and has done some great things technologically (whereas most people died from starvation). During this particular period (90’s) North Korea entered its nuclear club. How is this possible?

  • China stopped their refugees from getting very far. So many could have been gone from this nightmare if China did not intervene, and sent them back to certain death by North Korea execution or disease or famine
  • The North Korean continued their “personal” power over its Korean people. They force them to do on its will. Its will is North Korea survive in a Communist way.
  • Foreign help. Yes, the empire is propped up by the well-meaning nations. Foreign given was passed to the party faithful and government-chosen elite, and producing more loyalty and devotion from them.
  • The North Korean government bluffs their neighbors and they thought it could attack them in case they caused North Korea any kind of trouble. Is it possible?

Becker compares NK to a vast concentration camp where the inmates are being worked slowly to death. When some parts of this population of “camp” are not essential die. Very little aid is sent over to them and they grow weak, not able to grow in rebellion and they perish. This is how the state is of the people staying there.

Still there are some citizens who are pretty wise to what comes their way, and trust it or not, they are strong and they do rebel. Also, there are strikes everywhere and takeovers of the buildings and even murders of the government officials. But, this government fights back, although, with wrath at the disposal. There are public “trials” and public executions and one time this demanded that execution of all the criminals was to happen in 3 months.

During the reprisals, killings got more and more horrible. Prisoners were tied to the stake whereas relatives were forced to light a fire (like in the Medieval Romanism). They were stoned to death and bayoneted to death. Crimes got highly petty; to make sure everybody who wants to get punished is covered. Whether it is stealing two pounds of maize or some eggs or killing a cow. This all comes under state property, and you have committed a big crime against your state. So, you die.


We are amazed at how low the society will be brought when no God is allowed in. it is tough to “stay positive”, but we should continue to pray. And without prayer, what appears tragic is like hopeless.